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Red, Pink or Sore Eyes

Do you have red eyes? Get help for irritated eyes in Lumberton

Pink or red eyes are common and can be treated. Over the counter drops for red eyes can fix a cosmetic issue, but if you would like to seek the advice of an eye doctor, TSO Lumberton optometrist Shawn Dunnigan, OD is certified to treat eye redness.

Common Causes of Red Eyes

Red eyes are often caused by occular irritation. The eyes may become red as a result of eye strain or being overtired, but more commonly, it’s caused by inflammation due to infection or allergy. If your eyes feel itchy or painful, visit us to treat the underlying eye problem.

OTC Redness Eye Drops

Over-the-counter eye drops treat red eyes by applying a topical vasoconstrictor to temporarily shrink surface blood vessels. Please note, several popular redness-reducing eye drops contain irritating ingredients themselves, which can compound the issue over time, so it’s a good idea to seek medical advice especially if you find you need to use the drops more than you used to. Certain eye diseases, as well as contact lens use, are contraindications of some eye drops, so read the labels of your OTC eye drops very carefully. Or even better, do not self-medicate; rather, consult with an optometrist to discuss treatment for red eyes.

Dry Eye

Dry eye often causes red, itchy, or sore eyes. Read more about the symptoms and treatment for dry eyes here.

Contact Lens Considerations

Contact lenses are a common source of eye redness. This can occur with over-use, poor contact lens hygiene, and other reasons. Often we can help contact lens-induced eye redness by switching you to a different brand of lenses.

Eye Infections

“Pink eye” or conjunctivitis is a contagious eye infection, which is commonly found in children. Kids should stay home until symptoms clear up, to avoid spreading germs. Pink eye can be caused by a virus or bacteria. In the event of a bacterial eye infection, antibiotic eye drops will often need to be prescribed to treat the infection.

Other Causes of Eye Redness

Foreign bodies in the eye can result in redness. Most small particles, eye lashes, shampoo and sunscreen that enter the eyes cause temporary redness, which subsides when the eye’s natural protective tears remove the offending substance from the eye. However, if the redness does not go away, or if an embedded object becomes stuck in the eye, seek medical care. Our eye doctor has special instruments to deal with eye emergencies. Eye redness following ocular trauma or burns should be examined by an eye doctor.

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